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Buying and selling a home doesn’t have to be complicated. dotloop brings the entire process online. No more faxing, scanning or hand delivering documents. Your agent simply invites you into the Loop!

Saves up to 10 hours per transaction

A good negotiation will take up to five rounds of counter-offers. And you’ll be able to login and review each one. Anywhere, anytime.

Online convenience

Get the kind of access you would expect from any online purchase. No need to schedule a meeting – just login to work with your documents.

Secure and traceable

All adjustments are tracked and time stamped so you’ll see where the current document is, and know how it got there.

Time won’t kill your deal

When you really need to get your offer in, there are no copies to be made of faxes to be found. You adjust and sign, all online.


WOW what a time saver! dotloop eSignature is great. I wrote a purchase contract and sent it to my buyers. I had to run to another meeting – while in that meeting I received a text that my buyers had signed. So I pulled out my iPad and logged in to dotloop and sent the contract forward to the listing agent and then sent them a text that I had sent an offer. All this while not having to leave my meeting or work with a fax machine or email attachments! Thanks for a great product – I am hooked!

Mike Strange Keller - Williams Consultants Realty

It saves me and my clients two hours of our personal time per signature. Every time I need to get a signature, it saves up to two hours. It expedites the process of getting signatures. Depending how you look at it, it could mean the difference of getting a signature at 1:00PM or 5:00PM (once my client gets off work). My clients sign contracts at work, in seconds.

Jon Bowling- Remax Preferred Group, Southern Ohio.

Top Five Questions

Are these signatures valid?
E-Signatures are as valid as, and more secure than physical signatures. We authenticate each signature by coupling a user’s email address with their password.

Can I get a hard copy of my documents?
You can print anything you want at anytime. You’ll quickly find, however, that working from a single online document has the distinct benefit of clearing your life of documents that are outdated with every counter offer or notation.

How can I get my agent to use dotloop?
Tell them that it’s the only way you’re willing to work. Since dotloop has a free signup and the benefits are so easy to see, it’s usually not a tough sell.

Does this take the place of my agent?
Absolutely not. Your agent will still do everything he or she has always done. Using dotloop will simply make your involvement with one another more productive and timely.

Why doesn’t everyone sell their home this way?
We’re pretty certain they’re going to very soon. dotloop is growing at breakneck speed simply because it makes too much sense and saves too much time.

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